A Happy Christmas at Wilstead Lower School

Christmas is just around the corner and the children at Wilstead Lower School are doing a great job of staying on Santa’s “Nice” list.  We have had a really busy time recently, here are just some of the things we have been up to:

Decorated by the Christmas Pixies

Wishing on the lights at Wilstead Lower SchoolThe first day of December seems a long time ago now.  The children left as normal Monday night but when they arrived Tuesday morning there were gasps of surprise and squeals of excitement.  The Christmas Pixies had been in and decorated the school from top to bottom.  No tasteful colour coded themes here – MORE was the order of the day!

The only thing left for us to do was to switch on the lights and we all know there is only one way to do that – WISH POWER.  So, straight after registration we all marched into the hall to add our wish power to the task.  Mr Robichaud counted us down and with the magic words we all wished on the lights, nothing happened!  Not deterred we tried again,  the second time the lights flickered but didn’t stay on.  Third time lucky?

Finally with the magic words loud enough to be heard at the North Pole and with all our concentration the lights flickered then burst into life all around the hall.  They looked amazing!

Victorian Day

As part of our work on Victorian England we spent a day on a host of Victorian themed activities.  We had a variety of Victorian games in the hall which we all loved even though there wasn’t a computer in sight.  In another part of the school we made shops out of shoe boxes, at the end of the day Mrs Jennings turned them all into a giant street scene that you can seen in our library.

Victorian Street Scene

All round the school there wafted smell of mince pies being made in Year 4.  We had some mixed results with the mince pies with some of us wearing more mincemeat than went into our pies but we all had a great time.  Our last group were making Victorian Christmas cards.  We had a range of pictures to inspire us in our creation of a Christmas scene.  We all had a brilliant day.

Christmas Concert

Our Christmas concert this year featured some traditional Christmas songs and some of the songs from the film Nativity!  Earlier in the year the school had been given permission to perform these songs and so it was with great excitement that we began rehearsing them in time for Christmas.

Each class had a song that they learned, created actions and took centre stage for with the rest of the school acting as backing singers.  The songs were performed with enthusiasm and each class teacher hoping secretly that their class would sparkle and shine.

Take a look at the video at the bottom of the page to see a short excerpt from the performance.

Thank You

It has been a busy few months on the lead up to Christmas and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank to all of the parents, children and staff of Wilstead Lower School who have made it so much fun.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Next stop, Easter!