Admission allocation Figures 2016

The outcome off the previous year’s admissions is not a perfect guide to the next year’s decisions but the figures below are intended to help parents decide whether or not to apply to or express a preference for the school and will enable parents to assess their child’s chance of admission to the school.

Published Admission Number 30
Total Number of Requests for Places 31
Total Number of Places Allocated 30
Number of Pupils Not Allocated a Place 1

Proportion of places allocated against each
oversubscription criteria

Criteria Number of
All “Looked After” or children who were previously “Looked After”
Catchment Siblings 3 3
Other Catchment 12 12
Other Siblings 5 5
Any Other Children 11 10
At the time of the initial allocation the last place offered was under “Any Other” at a distance of 5,255.44m.