Afternoon Tea Dance

Last week, children from Beetles and Hornets did something wonderful for one of their friends.

Sometimes, it’s lovely to remember that our school, despite filling so much of our time, is part of a much bigger community.    One of our students has special needs and can’t always join in with our activities so, with a little help, our year 3 and year 4 children held an afternoon tea dance to raise money towards an adapted tricycle.

We made triangle sandwiches and pretty cupcakes and lots of tea; got the gramophone and some old records from the museum and transformed the hall, using bunting, tablecloths and pretty crockery.     Lots of people from the village community, our families and friends came to join us; well they came to eat the cake and drink the tea of course!

“Recently I attended an afternoon tea fundraising event to help one of Wilstead’s pupils obtain a much needed adapted tricycle.  The event was extremely well attended with all parts of the community coming together to support this good cause.It was a wonderful afternoon where staff and pupils created a lovely occasion with music and excellent food.On behalf of the Governors I would like to thank all those involved who contributed to make it a very pleasant afternoon.”  Geoff Sykes, Vice-Chair