You Ain’t Seen Mufffin Yet! – Wilstead Lower Bake Off

WLS Bake Off 2016This year was our third Bake Off event and with a very high standard of entries, finding a winner was as hard as ever. The donations and entry fees have been split this year between the school and The Ossie Newell Foundation which is a charity very close to the heart of Miss Radford

Along with the traditional cake category we introduced a new pudding class this year.  So with fewer cup cakes but more sticky toffee puddings the entries were more varied making the task of the judges that much harder.  Wilstead’s answer to Mary Berry was still mid contract negotiations at the time of filming and so this year we invited along Carrie Trail to help Mr Robichaud with the judging.

As usual entries came flooding in first thing and for the rest of the day the smell of cakes, chocolate and icing wafted gently around the school.  Judging began after lunch with the cakes laid out by Key Stage and category.   Working their way through the judges tasted, compared and re-tasted narrowing down the entries to the best few.

Finally at 3 o’clock the awards ceremony began and the results announced. Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who took part.  It is clear from the entries that people put a lot of time, thought and love into their cakes and on behalf of the school and The Ossie Newell Foundation we would like to say thank you for your generosity.


Edward G – Winner

Ruby N – Runner Up


Charlotte T – Winner

Zuza – Runner Up


Mrs Rylands – Winner

Mrs Beard – Runner Up


Miss Achard – Winner

Mrs Hawthorne – Runner Up

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