Brilliant Bard Braves Bedford

The-Tempest at Wilstead Lower School

You taught me language, and my profit on’t is I know how to curse.

 The Tempest

Wilstead Lower School welcomed back the fabulous performers from Say Two Productions to work with us again watching and acting excerpts from Hamlet, The Taming of the Shrew and The Tempest.

Our day started with an introduction from the actors.  We learnt a little about the Globe Theatre and what going to the theatre in London was like during Shakespeare’s day.  We also heard about the difference between a Tragedy and a Comedy.  The actors then disappeared behind a large black screen and music started to play………

First we were introduced to a short excerpt from the tragedy Hamlet.  We met the Prince together with his mother and the wicked Cluadius.  We even saw a ghost!  We really liked the scene where Hamlet presents a play to Claudius and his mother and in the play the king is poisoned.

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Next came The Taming of the Shrew.   This was very different to Hamlet!  We really enjoyed Kate chasing Bianca, Kate being mean to Petruchio and Kate being mean to Grumio!  The actors looked really angry with each other but they explained afterwards that it was only pretend.  We were absolutely sure that this play was a comedy!

The Tempest at Wilstead Lower SchoolFinally we saw some of The Tempest.  This play has some great characters from the scary Prospero and his pretty daughter Miranda to the sprite Ariel (who “dances like a ballerina!”)  but the bit we liked the best was at the end when Caliban makes friends with Stephano and Trinculo.  They were very silly and made a lot of mess!

It was really funny when Stephano said “Kiss my foot”….then made a mess with the water

During the rest of the day, the actors worked with different classes.  Each class was set a small scene to perform at the end of the day.  One class introduced us to some of the characters in A Midsummer Nights Dream, others acted a small scene about going to The Globe theatre and yet others acted a small part from The Tempest.  We had lines to say, costumes to wear and some of us even got to hold swords!

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At the end of the day, the whole school came back together and watched the performances of our friends.  It was a fabulous day full of excitement, enthusiasm and wonder.  We all agree,

Shakespeare is great!