Bumblebees take flight at Duxford

Wilstead Lowers' Bumblebee Class explore aviation at DuxfordOn Thursday 11th February Bumblebees class went on an exciting trip to Duxford to find out more about aeroplanes. This half term our theme has been ‘Fasten Your Seatbelt!’ and we have been exploring lots of ways to travel in the air including hot air balloons, helicopters, planes and rockets.
We had a great day exploring lots of parts of Duxford including the hangers with lots of types of planes and helicopters. Some of us even thought we had seen a plane like Amy Johnson flew in.
We went aboard Concorde and enjoyed waving at our friends from the windows. We saw engineers working on some planes and talked about the similarities and differences between the planes. We even saw some small planes and helicopters taking off and landing on the Duxford runway too.