Bumblebees at Wilstead Allotments

What a week we have had in Bumblebees class.  Monday saw us walking up to All Saints church for a Harvest Festvial practice, Tuesday we went back for the real Harvest Festival (more on that elsewhere) and Wednesday we walked back up to the church and on to the allotments.  Phew!

As part of our harvest week we had been invited by the Wilstead Allotment Society to visit them and their vegetables.  So, after a short pause whilst we all put on our wellies (mostly on the right feet) we lined up with our partners and walked back up Cotton End Road, past the church and on to the allotments where we were met by Mr Cooper and Derek, our guides for the afternoon.

The beans we are long as my arm!

We were shown around the allotments where we learned a little about their history and then on to look at some fruit and vegetables.  We saw soldier straight rows of parsnips, big beetroot and sky high runner bean plants.  Some of the gardeners were growing fruit and we saw some late strawberries and lots and lots of raspberries.  We even saw a bed of flowers that were taller than us (Dahlias), these were really pretty.

Mr Cooper showed us his allotment and picked some carrots, rhubarb and some runner beans to show us.  As we went past his compost heap we even saw a little mouse although Mr Cooper didn’t look as pleased to see him as we were!

All too soon it was time to come back to school.  We found our partners and in a long crocodile line walked back to school again.


We would like to say a huge thank you to Wilstead Allotment Society and it’s members for sharing their hard work and passion with us. We would especially like to thank Mr Cooper and Derek for showing us around and being so much fun. Thank You