Captain Safety Road Show – Year 4 Trip

Captain Safety helps Wilstead Lower School Year 4 class learn their Green Cross Code

Captain Safety and Jemima  teaching us the Green Cross Code

Captain Safety and Jemima

Hornets Class took an afternoon out of the class last week to head to Bedford’s Civic Theatre to watch the Captain Safety Road show and learn all about the Green Cross Code.

The extremely well organised team at the venue ushered an excited Hornets class into our seats and in very short order the show began.  Captain Safety is a superhero, who is woken from his sleep to help children learn how to deal with crossing the road. Joining him in this crusade is Billy, a young boy who didn’t heed the warnings of busy roads and has been injured; his message is a simple one, “Don’t be like me – always remember the Green Cross Code.”

Captain Safety is joined on stage by a couple of members of the audience and by the very friendly Jemima the Ostrich who help us learn the 4 main features of the Green Cross Code.





We were also taught a really catchy song to help us remember how to cross the road safely. Why not ask your year 4 child to sing it to you and see if they still remember it?  If you want more information about road safety then you can find lots of resources here on the Department for Transport’s web site.  The video below (courtesy of CaptainSafetyUK) is a great highlight of the show and features the song, just in case you can’t remember it.