Comic Book Illustration Master Class with Frazer Irving

Recently we were lucky enough to have Frazer Irving visit some of our children and talk about his work and life as an illustrator for graphic novels and comics.  Last week he was back with us to show a select group of budding artists from Wilstead Lower, Robert Bloomfield, Winhills Primary Academy and Round House Primary Academy how to create new characters for a comic book story.

The day started off with a sketching warm-up.  We took it in turns to create a scribble on the big white board, after a short pause for thought, Frazer then turned that scribble into a character.  Some were ones we knew already and others were brand new.  We were all mesmerised as our little scribble slowly turned into a funny face.  Inspired by this we tried our own, first Frazer created a scribble for each of us which we then turned into our own cartoon character.  It was simple, fun and easy to do and all of us created amazing results in no time at all.

Using confident strokes we then created our own scribbles and turned them into a collection of cartoon characters.  In next to no time we had a series of characters ready for the next stage.  Now we had our characters we started to think about how to give them a voice.  We used speech and thought bubbles to create a little dialogue on each others drawing.  This collaboration lead to all sorts of fun interpretations of the images that we did not think of when we drew them.

With time marching on we just had time left at the end of the day to sit for a personal portrait by the man himself.  it was great fun watching our friends pose for Frazer and then see the line drawing come to life in front of us.  A truly magical experience.

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All too soon it was time to say thank you and good bye.  It was wonderful to see the children walk away with confidence and a buzz of excitement, fresh with new ideas, inspired to create new works and not be afraid to do their own thing.  We learnt that you can make a career out of something you love and by doing something creative and that you have to stick with it and work hard as well.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Frazer Irving for sharing his passion, enthusiasm and insight with us and to our new friends from the other schools who helped us create some crazy and unexpected characters.

Frazer Irving Master Class at Wilstead Lower SchoolFrazer Irving Master Class