Cooked to Perfection

Wilstead Lower School Bake Off 2014

WLS Bake Off 2014

When we first put out the idea of a school bake off, we thought we might get a couple of dozen offerings to judge and sell on to raise a bit of money for some cooking equipment… but on the day it became clear that there had been a whole lot of weighing, measuring, mixing, beating, pouring, baking, icing and glazing going on!

We were completely overwhelmed when over 100 entries turned up on Friday morning – cakes of all colours, flavours, shapes and sizes; spider cakes, butterfly cakes, flower cakes, character cakes, Halloween ghosts and pumpkin cakes; sticky gingerbread, light sponge cakes, moist fruit cakes; cakes covered in icing, cakes covered in chocolate, cakes covered in sweets; intricate icing, crunchy sugar toppings, fantastic decorations and smooth buttercream.  We got the lot.

Our lucky judges (Mr Robichaud and Mrs Wooding) got to taste every single one of them.

I don’t think I will need to eat again for a week! All the entries were amazing, all of them exceeded our expectations and all of them deserve praise.    Mr Robichaud.

There’s a gallery below of just some of the fabulous cakes on display to give you a flavour of the culinary skills of Wilstead.

Prize Winners

Every child who entered was awarded two merits for their team.

Key stage 1 and reception:

Best Decoration:  Amy

Best Flavour: Amber

Overall winner:   Amber

Key stage 2:

Best Decoration: Taya

Best Flavour: Nathan

Overall winner: Nathan


Best Decoration: Mrs Hewitt

Best Flavour: Mrs Mosby

Overall winner: Mrs Mosby

Wilstead Lower School Bake Off

Thank You

It feels like an understatement to simply say “thank you”.  So many families put in enormous and very creative efforts to make our first Bake Off such a huge success and we are extremely grateful.

Now we know how good you all are at baking, we will be doing more cooking in school with the equipment we are going to buy, thanks to your generous donations.  We’re all looking forward to the resulting tasty treats!      Mrs Hoath, Chair of Governors.

Amazing Cakes

Here are just a sample of the cakes made.  This gives you some idea of the challenge facing our stalwart judges.