Dancing in PE wasn’t like this in my day!

SJSchoolofDanceDo you remember shivering in your short; holding hands with that boy/girl; waiting for the record to play?  Do you recall the dread of Country Dancing at school?  Bet you didn’t have as much fun as us!

Over the last six weeks, Dragonflies and Hornets class have been having the coolest PE lessons ever.  Miss Johnson from SJ School of Dance has been making the trip from St Neots every Thursday to teach us how to Street Dance.  No longer is dance the soft option, these sessions are physically demanding and mentally stimulating.

Street Dance at WLS

Our session starts with a gentle warm up lead by Miss Johnson.  Even the sportiest members of our class were left out of breath after the series of dance based exercises.  We really impressed Miss Johnson with our positive attitude and jaw dropping flexibility (less so the teachers who tried their best, even if their toes were out of reach!)

It was fabulous to see the children’s confidence grow with each passing week

Street Dance at WLSAfter the warm up we were introduced to a new set of dance moves each week.  The moves were demonstrated first at half the normal speed and gradually increasing in speed until we were all performing them in time with the music.   Even Mr Hoath was able to do most of the moves which were designed to enable everyone to participate.

The children seemed to walk taller after a dance session.

Over the weeks we were able to put together a wicked selection of sick moves into a whole routine.  Some of us developed brilliant freestyle skills and were given solo slots in the final routine.  The culmination of all our hard work came on the last Thursday of this half-term.  We had one final practice session then the rest of the school came into the hall to watch us.

Some of us were nervous just before we started our routine but as soon as the music started we were focused on the performance.  First the Hornets performed followed by the Dragonflies.  We were both so awesome that we were asked to dance an encore!  The rest of school clapped and cheered our performance, what a feeling.

No amount of words can truly do justice to the hard work and dedication that the children put into the Street Dance performance so we thought we would share this short video with you.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Johnson for sharing her passion and knowledge with us and we look forward to seeing her again next half term working with some of our other classes.