Egyptians, Moses & the Winter Fayre

Christmas at Wilstead Lower SchoolJust when you think you can’t squeeze any more into one week, along comes Brian Moses and the Winter Festival.

Our week started off with a some Christmas Magic as the whole school had been decorated by elves over the weekend.  Our first job of the day was to help the rest of the school wish on the christmas lights.  You can read more about that here.  There was no time to rest though as we had a visitor in the form of one of Britain’s favourite children’s poets, Brian Moses.

Brian MosesWe first enjoyed a whole school assembly where we listened to Brian performing some of his poems, we also had a chance to ask him questions.  One of our younger school friends asked:

Can you make good paper planes?

Later that day our class was chosen to have a session with Brian.  He came into our class and helped us write poems of our own.  It was a fabulous experience and we all learned a lot.  Some of our work impressed Brian so much that he even put it on his own blog.

Egyptian Death MaskOur Egyptian project work is continuing, this week we spent some more time on our canopic jars and started making our Death Masks.  This was a little tricky as we had to transfer our designs from last week onto the actual mask.  We have built the structure and next week we will cover them papier-mâché.  It could get messy!

And that was just Monday!

Christmas LegoTuesday saw all the usual lessons as well as football coaching and ukulele lessons.  We now know two chords and some of us are getting the hang of changing between the two in time with the song.    The last highlight of the week was the Winter Fayre on Friday.  Many of the Hornet class had entered in one category or another and so the class room filled up with mince pies, decorations and lego as we arrived.  Mr Hoath liked the lego best and spent a little bit too long making sure it was all ok at the back of the classroom!

Next week will see us learning more about Egypt, learning grid co-ordinates in Numeracy and practice for the Christmas Concert.  We are getting just a little bit excited about Christmas now!