Elephants, Pirahnas and Bears Oh My!

This week the Hornets class have been looking at different types of poems, studying how they are put together and what makes them different.  At the end of the week we chose a style of poem that we liked and wrote our own poem based on that style.  Here are three that we would like to share with you.

Hornet Class Poems


Big elephants, fat elephants.
Wear a silly hat elephants.

Tall elephants, small elephants.
Find them in the school hall elephants.

Squirting elephants stomping elephants.
Find them always chomping elephants.

Happy elephants, groaning elephants.
Find them always moaning elephants.

Baby elephants, mini elephants.
Really, really skinny elephants.

By Olivia.


Big piranhas, small piranhas,
really, really cool piranhas.

Mean piranhas, lean piranhas,
really, really keen piranhas.

Boy piranhas, girl piranhas,
loves to wear a pearl piranhas.

Thrashing piranhas, dashing piranhas,
even got some mashing piranhas.

Great piranhas, mate piranhas,
not on your plate piranhas.

Rushed piranhas, crushed piranhas,
hate being rushed piranhas.

By Aaron


Big bear, fat bear,
funny in a hat bear.

Stinky bear clean bear,
somewhere in between bear.

Flying bear, crying bear,
cheeky little lying bear.

Grizzly bear, polar bear,
drinking fizzy cola bear!

Growl bear, howl bear,
scare away the owl bear.

Sharp teeth bear, yellow teeth bear,
show them when you bellow bear.

By Kian