Get ready for WWF “Wear It Wild” day

Wear It Wild

On Thursday 26th May, as a school we will be raising money for the WWF fund raising initiative ‘Wear it wild‘, which supports the protection of endangered animals. (A day earlier than the national campaign as we have our May Celebrations on the 27th)

On this day, we would love for all of the children and staff to dress up as their favourite wild animal, with a donation of £1 to the cause.

During the day the children will move around the school in a carousel of activities, visiting each classroom and taking part in animal related projects.

Need Help with Costume Ideas?

Don’t worry, the WWF have a great resources page on their website that gives loads of ideas on what your costume/outfit could be and how to simply create your desired effect.  They even have a face painting guide if you are feeling adventurous.

We are really looking forward to the day, to seeing how fabulous everyone looks and to learning lots about the important work the WWF does to help protect endangered species.