Gorilla, Chinchilla

Hornets have had another busy week:

  • Performance Poetry with Mr Robichaud
  • Soccer Skills with Jack the Coach
  • Yammering Ukeleles with Mr Simpson
  • Clay Canopics with Mrs Bland
  • Gorgeous Geckos

Performance Poems

At the beginning of the week Mr Robichaud took us for a session of performance poetry ahead of the visit from Brian Moses next week.  We had a great time listening to poems by Brian Moses, such as The Snake Hotel.  We then created our own poem based on ideas from the whole class.  We hope you like it.

 See the transcript here

DSCN1235Soccer Skills

Jack was back again this week and boy was it cold!  We worked on individual ball skills and then onto goal attack.  Our skills are definitely improving and we have a lot of fun too.  We can’t wait for next week’s session.

Mr Simpson and his UkelelesYammering Ukeleles

This week in music Mr Simpson brought in a big box full of Ukeleles.

We learned about the instrument and the names of different parts, most importantly we learned how to hold our Ukeleles still without making any noise (well, most of us!).  After learning our first two chords and a few strumming patterns we moved straight on to our first song!   If you want us to sing it to you just ask us to sing “Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh!”

Canopic JarsClay Canopics

As part of our topic work on Ancient Egyptians we have been looking at the mummification process.  We really enjoyed learning about all the gory details and some of us were a little too interested in the brain hook!  To “wrap up” our day we worked in pairs to create our very own own clay canopic jars.  You will be amazed at how good they are but we are not allowed to fill them up with real organs.

Darcy the GeckoMeet Darcy

DSCN1390Our new class pet has arrived in style.  The gecko turned up this week with a large vivarium, heating lamps, hiding holes, rocks and tree branches.  Mr Robichaud came in to set up all the equipment and feed the gecko for the first time.  We didn’t know if it was a boy or girl at this stage.  Fortunately we know an expert who was able to tell us that the gecko is a girl and so we all took a vote on what her name should be.  We finally agreed on Darcy.

Darcy is a little shy at the moment and is taking a little time to get used to the noise in the classroom.  Mrs Bland did help us look at Darcy, she was very brave as Darcy decided to explore her hair as a safe and warm place to stay!  Mr Hoath was too busy taking picutres (and laughing) to be of any real help.