Chair of the Governing Body: Mrs Lizzy Greaves

The school Governing Body is responsible for overseeing the management and governance of the school, including financial management and academic performance.  The Governing Body has two standing committees: the Finance and Resources Committee and the School Standards Committee.   The School Council reports directly to the governors and we set up fixed-term committees in response to specific issues. Most of the Governors have lead responsibility for at least one area of school activity and work closely with the staff to make sure we are constantly working to improve.

Governance Structure

How do I contact them?

The Governors form part of the formal processes for investigating and dealing with complaints and concerns and also seek feedback and suggestions about the schools activities. You can always talk to the parent or staff governors informally or contact the governing body via the school office.

Can anyone be a school governor?

The governing body is made up of parent governors, staff governors, partnership governors and co-opted governors who are selected for their skills and links to the local community.

Each governor serves a automatic term of 4 years, after which they can be re-appointed to continue their roles.   Opportunities to join the Governing Body arise on a regular basis.   If you are interested in learning more about our roles and activities, please contact us via the school office, who will put you in touch with an existing governor.