Happy Mother’s Day!

Well time has been rushing by in the Dragonflies class.  We had to delay this blog so we didn’t spoil any surprises for Mother’s Day.  We hope all Mums have received their cards by now.

Last Thursday we made mothers day cards.  We cut our flowers out. Next we got a picture of ourselves and stuck it on the flowers.

Alyssa  said

“my mum gives me special presents and cares about us.”


We were also doing partitioning in numeracy and using number lines and jumps.

Amber said

278+10=288 and 673+20=693


We have been looking at healthy and unhealthy food and drinks to keep fit. This is something healthy: a pear, an apple and a blueberry. This is something unhealthy: chocolate and a packet of sweets.

We made healthy fruit salad using fruits from around the world – oranges, mango, pineapple and banana, and wrote the recipe to go in our cookbooks.


This week’s bloggers were Alyssa, Amber and Ruby