Hornets – Busy as Bees

The last week of this half-term have been as busy as ever.

The week started with some of the class together with some of the Beetles class competing in a Multi-Sports event.   The children played either Tag Rugby, Goal Ball or OOA (a form of orienteering) against 4 other schools.  The day was full of fun, passion and enthusiasm.  All the children did well, representing their school with pride and being great ambassadors for Wilstead Lower School.  Of  course, winning the Goal Ball and OOA and finishing a very close second in the Tag Rugby  was a nice bonus!

tag-rugby6Whilst the Multi-Sport team were out the rest of the class visited the other half of the Beetles where they explored 3D shapes.  Straws and Play Dough were used to create an array of 3D shapes that we then described using the number of faces, vertices and edges.  Unfortunately, the others came back at lunch time so we had to go back to our own class after lunch.

tag-rugby at Wilstead Lower School
We had more sports during the week with a mini Tag Rugby Tournament.  Over the last few weeks we have had a great coach visit us to teach us how to play Tag Rugby.  This week, along with our friends in Beetles class we put all our new skills together to play a tournament.  Luckily the weather held good and so we had a fabulous afternoon out on the main field.  Split into 4 teams per year group we played a series of games over the afternoon.  We even remembered not to pass the ball forward by the end of the afternoon!
Making 3D_Shapes

To round off our culinary cruise around the UK we stopped in the land of Dragons and Leeks to make Welsh Cakes.  We found out about the history of Welsh Cakes and that they would have traditionally been cooked on a flat stone although we cooked ours in a pan on the hob.  We really enjoyed the cooking using our new skills to great effect.  We didn’t even make a mess this week!  (well ok, maybe a small mess)

Next week we begin our new topic with a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum so watch out for the Mummies!