Hornets – Captain Safety Road Show

Well, it’s been another busy week for the Hornets ending with a trip into Bedford to watch the Captain Safety Road Show.

Yom-Kippur with Mr BlacklockWe started the week with a lesson from Mr Blacklock who is spending time with us as part of his teacher training course.  We were learning about the Jewish religious festival of Yom Kippur which is probably the most important festival in the Jewish calendar.  We learnt about the concept of atonement and could all come up with things that we would think about.  None of us liked the idea of a 25-hour fasting period though!

FractionsLiteracy and Numeracy have kept us busy this week learning how to evaluate, compare and improve on a set of instructions.  Just ask us about imperative verbs (sometimes referred to as bossy verbs).  Numeracy this week was all about fractions.  We have been learning about equivalent fractions and ending up the week by being able to subtract fractions with the same denominator and recognise a whole as a fraction.

Hornets HockeyPE this week was a lot of fun!  Miss Smith helped us improve our hockey skills.  It was a little bit like a St Trinian’s film at the start but we soon were able to put our new found skills to effective use, controlling the ball and dribbling it around a set of cones.  Our second PE session of the week saw us Street Dancing.  We are all brilliant with the possible exception of Mr Hoath but he tries his best so we don’t laugh at him too much!

Garage Band Music SessionWe have been learning to play the ukulele with Mr Simpson who comes to see us once a week.  This week we had a real treat and got to use the iPads using an app called Garage Band.  This was awesome as we got to lay down our own track.  We started with the drums, creating some epic beats then moved onto the keyboards.  Mr Simpson gave us a great step by step demo showing us his iPad on the big screen in the class room.  We can’t wait until next week when we get to add some more instruments.

The week ended in style with another of our class members being awarded their Truly Trusted badge – well done Joseph.


Captain SafetyOur trip to see the Captain Safety Road show was brilliant!  It is always exciting to go on a trip and we blasted out songs all the way there on the bus.  It was LOUD.  The teachers were very relieved when finally got to the Corn Exchange.

The Roadshow itself was brilliant too.  Captain Safety asked Lewis from our class to come up on stage to help him.  Captain Safety’s friend Jemima the Ostrich took a real fancy to Lewis which was very funny!  As well as being really funny Captain Safety taught us all about the Green Cross Code.  He also taught us a really catchy song to help remember it.  Why not ask us if we can still remember it?