Hornets – Christmas is coming!

It’s official, Christmas is coming and in Hornets class that means, glitter, glitter, glitter oh and a little more glitter!

We are well on our way to perfecting our songs for the Christmas concert.  You may even have heard us singing a few lines from The Holly and The Ivy or Singing in the Rain.  This week we had our first practice in the hall siting in the positions we will be in for the concert.  Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without decorations and so we have been making some to go up around the school and in our class room.  We used paper plates to make large bauble like decorations (we used glitter,  a LOT of glitter!) and Mrs Hale showed us how to make very elegant star decorations made from twisted paper (we even found a way to use glitter on those!).

Hornets had football coaching and music lessons again this week, both were sessions full of energy and enthusiasm.  It was a bit cold outside so we will need our tracksuit trousers and a sweatshirt next week for sure.  The music lesson was LOUD and Mr Simpson showed us how to make music on an ipad using an app called Garage Band.  It was awesome!

It was a bit cold outside so we will need our tracksuit trousers and a sweatshirt for next week for sure.

Miss Smith taught us all about Egyptian Cartouches on Monday and we created our own using hieroglyphs to spell out our names.  Maths, History and Art all in one lesson…..hey!

Truly Trusted

The big Truly Trusted Badgenews of the week is that some of us have already received our “Truly Trusted” badges.  This is a big thing for us as it shows everyone in the school that we demonstrate the school values and behaviours.


So, this weeks winners are (in no particular order):

  • Ben W
  • Millie
  • Ben A
  • Rebecca
  • Ava
  • Amelia
  • Connie