Hornets cook up a storm

As part of our topic ‘What a Wonderful World’ we are learning about and cooking a range of traditional dishes from different counties and areas of the UK.  Last week was Cornish Pasties and this week we were making Scottish Shortbread.

Aside from ending up with tasty treats to take away, the children are quickly learning how to read a recipe, measure out and weigh ingredients and how to chop, roll and mix.  It’s fabulous to see how confident they are and how much they enjoy these sessions (well maybe not so much the onion chopping last week!).

Here’s an little look at what we did today……

Once we have learned about the food we are going to make it’s all hands to the deck and off we go…..

Once all our ingredients were mixed it was time to make our shortbread.

The next step was to place all our biscuits onto the baking trays…….the teachers were a little bit nervous but they had nothing to worry about!

As with all good things, the cooking session finally came to an end and we all helped tidy up the classroom.


So, what did they taste like?  Well you will just have to ask the children.