Hornets – Fancy Footwork

This was a week of fancy footwork and big numbers



Football-Week-2#8Dons and Don’ts

Jack from the MK Dons visited us on Tuesday  for a morning of footwork and ball skills.  The boys were of course keen to display their skills but it was the girls who impressed the coach the most with their improvement during the session.  Would those new skills come in handy later on in the week?  Read on…….

It all adds up

Numeracy this week saw us working on word problems to do with money.  We found these a little tricky at the beginning of the week but we had it sorted by the end.  We used column addition as well as number line addition to solve these problems.  Can you do them?  Jayne has £1 pocket money,  she goes to the toy shop and wants to buy a doll (£0.28) and a pencil (£0.37).  Can Jayne afford both things and if so, how much change woulds she get?

In tune

Tuesdays are a busy day for the Hornets, football in the morning and then Mr Simpson and music in the afternoon.  Mr Simpson is from the Bedford Music Service and brought with him a box full of percussion instruments and fifteen guitars.  Beginning with a series of clapping games to practice our rhythm we quickly moved onto the percussion instruments (man that was loud!).  A brilliant time was had by all but it didn’t stop there.  We then added the guitars into the mix with everyone trying their hand at strumming.  What a day!

Hornets Class - PE LessonBalance is the key

Football wasn’t the only sport we did this week.  Mrs Bland helped us with our gymnastics lesson Thursday.  We have been looking at balance points over the last few weeks: points (hands, feet, knees etc) and patches (back, tummy, leg etc).  This week we joined together in pairs to create balances using different numbers of points but we had to remain joined the whole time.  We really had great fun and some very creative balances.

Strictly Wilstead

Friday came round all too quickly, singing in the rain we marched into class in our finery.  We looked FABU…….wait for it……LOUS!  You can read about what we did as a whole school here.   As a class we learnt how to dance the Lindy Hop,  even Mr Hoath joined in although we wish he hadn’t!  Each pair of dancers were scored with paddles that we had made earlier in the day…….”SEVEN”.  We used a gramophone to play the music although it kept going s l o w e r and s  l  o  w  e  r  as it needed winding up, this was very funny!   After lunch we designed costumes for a Lindy Hop dance in the “Strictly” style, we considered the dance style and the moves in the dance to make sure our costume was appropriate.  They looked great.

These were just some of the things that the Hornets got up to last week, why not ask us about the other things?  We can tell you all about Egyptian Death Masks.