Hornets – More good stuff

Was this the best week ever?  We had lots of musical things going on and The Wilstead Lower 2015 Orienteering Challenge!


Garage Band - Wilstead Lower SchoolThe best bit about Tuesday was using the iPads with Mr Simson.  We tried to make a classical song (it took a while!).  We had to use classical instruments such as cello, violin, flute etc

How the App works

Garageband is an iPad App that helps you make music.  Our weekly sessions have helped us make a pop track, rock track and a classical track.  We even made a cover version of Price Tag by Jesse J.  First you create a new track and decide how many bars long it is.  Next you select an instrument and make up a tune, we usually started by “laying down” the drums.  This involved choosing the drum, snare and cymbal beats.  We then recorded the other instruments; guitar, bass guitar and keyboard.

Once you are happy with your song you can share it with friends and family.

Guitar Lesson

Guitar Club at Wilstead Lower SchoolSome children in Hornets class take guitar lessons with Mrs Jenny Wilson who comes into school on a Wednesday lunchtime.  We do lots of different songs; Olly Murs, James Blunt, Bruno Mars and some songs that Mrs Wilson has written, they are top notch.

I love playing outside where other children can hear us!

exclaimed Connie


P-Bones at Wilstead Lower SchoolA man called Adam comes in every Thursday to teach us how to play the P-Bone.  It’s just like a trombone but comes in different colours and they are much l lighter too.  So far we only know how to put it together and play two notes, C & G.  To create the note you blow a raspberry. (Into the mouth piece, that’s very important!)

The Wilstead Lower 2015 Orienteering Challenge!

Thursday 19th March saw the first ever Wilstead Lower School Orienteering Challenge.  What is that we hear you cry.  Well…Kelly from the Bedford Borough School Sport Partnership  and a group of young sports leaders from Bedford Academy came to Wilstead to teach us about orienteering and to set us a series of challenges.

It was a freezing afternoon with clouds storming across the sky as we made our way onto the big field.  Year 3 and Year 4 (aka The Beetles and the Hornets) were mixed together into teams of 8, each team had their own+ young leader.  At the sound of the whistle all the teams sped off in different directions, looking for the first challenge.  If they were successful they were awarded points and a letter.  There were 13 clues to solve and letters to find.  The 13 letters rearranged to spell the answer to a sporting question.  Only if we got it all right could we work out the answer.

They are all working hard, using good team work and having fun.

enthused Kelly, the school games organiser

The second part of the afternoon involved problem solving challenges, some were classic puzzles (How to get a chicken, a fox and some grain across the river when the boat can only carry one at a time), others were physical challenges (guiding a blindfolded partner through an obstacle course).

After all the scores were added up we gathered in the middle of the field for our prize ceremony.  The orange team were the overall winners and there were certificates too for some great individual achievements.

We are really looking forward to doing this again.

This week’s post was written by: Henry, Connie, Megan and Rebecca.