Hornets – P Bones & Red Noses

Garage Band

By Henry

Garage Band - Wilstead Lower SchoolThis week we have been making music with the iPads. Mr Simpson, the music man came to teach us how to make a Pop track and a Rock track using the App Garage Band.

It was brilliant, my track sounded sick!  commented Henry


By Rebecca

Gymnastics - Hornets class at Wilstead Lower SchoolIn the school hall a man came in to school to teach us gymnastics.  We learnt how to do a tuck, star and a straddle.  This week we have been learning balances on points and pads.

FACT –  You need to be very flexible.  You also need to have strong muscles.


By Megan

P-Bones at Wilstead Lower SchoolClass 4 were buzzing with excitement as the music teacher, also known as Adam, introduced us to the instrument we were going to play, can you guess what that instrument instrument is?  It is a P-Bone!  If you don’t know what a P-Bone is, it is a plastic trombone.

FACT– The P-Bone comes in all of the rainbow colours, even black and white.

Red Nose Day

For Red Nose Day this year our class arrived in school with our Funny Faces on.  There was red hair, cup-cake bunches, faces that looked like our red noses and of course, plenty of red noses.  Whilst half of our class went off to take part in a Multi Sports competition, the rest of us made our own funny faces.  Take a look at some of our creations.

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