Hornets Residential Diary – Day 1

ExploringTheWoodsWow, what a day that was!

To say that the class were excited when they arrived at school, loaded down with enough luggage for a month is the biggest understatement of the year.

The coach drive here was uneventful and without much fuss the rooms were agreed, sharing decided and the predictable negotiations about who gets the top bunk sorted.  First things first, lunch was devoured and the children went out to explore the immediate surroundings.

ArcheryFieldAfter a little rest we went for a trek around the site, and it’s BIG!  There is a playground just next to the house, a green field (brilliant for football)  next to that and then lots and lots of woodland.  Once you get through all the trees you reach another green field where the archery is, but that is a story for tomorrow.

When we got back to the house the boys all went off to play football and the girls played in and around the house, all this whilst the food was delivered and tea was prepared.  Tea was eagerly anticipated and within seconds of being served, half the class were queueing up for seconds.   We had another chance to play outside then back in to celebrate the birthday of Oliver.  Cake all round, Happy Birthday To You sung as only a large group of children can and ,of course, blowing out of the candles.

We then only had time to write an entry in our daily diary and it was time for bed.  Teeth cleaned, washed and into our sleeping bags and all asleep within 10 minutes.

The above story is all true except one point,  bet you can’t guess which bit!

We asked some of the children what they liked most about the day, here is what they said:

“There are wild rabbits  just outside the door.  Cute, fluffy and brown.” said Eira

“Arriving and getting to look around and play was really exciting.” beamed Addie Mae

“Going for a walk was cool, we looked around and took photos with a camera, it was fun and the building was massive and we are all sharing together it is awesome!” exclaimed Amy and Olivia.

Nathan thought that climbing trees was the best.  “I tried lots and lots of them, it was good to try different types of climbing and I love the view when you are up there.”

James loved playing football after lunch. “The boys all got together and got really sweaty.”

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