Hornets – Walk like an Egyptian

Recently in Hornets class we have been practicing our report writing and use of time connectives.  We have learnt about Headlines, Quotes, Orientation, Photo Captions and Reorientation.  See if you can spot any in the article we have written about our recent trip to London and the V & A Museum.

The Children in Hornets

Hornets-Trip-to-LondonOn Monday 3rd November, the children in Year 4 from Wilstead Lower School went to the Victoria and Albert museum in London. The purpose of the visit was to research Egyptian artefacts. It wasn’t a very successful trip!

At 9am the children were all dropped off at school and we boarded the bus to go to London. It took two hours to get there (but it only felt like one). We entertained ourselves by playing games and chatting to our friends. We saw Wembley arch (that was cool) and a Ferrari while we were on the bus. When asked about the Ferrari, William happily replied “The Ferrari was quite colourful. I’m glad I don’t have one, my room’s already full!” We all had a jolly good time on the bus!


Hornets-Trip-to-LondonWhen we got there the bus didn’t stop where we wanted to so we had to walk. But I have to say, it was quite exciting! We finally got there after a five minute walk. The V & A looked smaller on the outside. We walked into the museum in amazement, everybody turning their heads and gazing around at all the beautiful patterns on the walls and the statues that shimmered in the light. Jack W thought it was so hot he felt like he could faint!

We walked up a staircase to the lunchroom and put our bags in a locker instead of carrying them round the museum “I was happy because mine felt like it weighed 100kg!” explained Ava. Then we went to the Theatre and Performance gallery where there were props and costumes from previous theatre shows you could try on and you could write your own play script. Charlie tried on a sparkly, red, sequined dress and looked very beautiful (Oo la la!) We looked at what actors had done before the theatre. One had been in Shrek! There was a HUGE rhinoceros from the theatre show Rhinoceros there too.

The shape game was really fun because we worked with our partners to match our shapes

After that we went to go and have our guided tour with Jenny. We learnt about symmetrical patterns and shapes that tessellate. “The shape game was really fun because we worked with our partners to match our shapes” said Ben joyfully. We saw a carpet from the Middle East that was made when Henry VIII ruled England. It is so old and delicate it can only be lit for 10 minutes every hour. “My favourite bit was the Henry VIII carpet because it was so well decorated and I have no idea how they would have made it!” commented Millie.

Next, we went to have lunch (what a relief, we were starving!) After lunch we searched and explored the museum looking for Egyptian artefacts and jewellery, we didn’t find much (how disappointing!) However, we did find some interesting antiquities from the Middle East, or “Old and boring stuff!” (from an anonymous child!) – some barber tools which looked terrifying, men’s dresses (ha ha!) and a musket and flint lock pistol. “There were lots of cool artefacts there. I was practically paralyzed!” exclaimed Emily.

Old and boring stuff! (anon)

Last but not least, we had to go back to school. We wandered back to the bus happily and chatted with our friends until we arrived back at school. “I had the best school trip ever. Sadly the time flew by, it does when you have a great time. Maybe we could stay longer the next time we go to a museum because it was fabulous, BEST TRIP EVER! I was as happy as a hamburger!” Sam G happily exclaimed!

The teachers were very proud of us all that day. Our behaviour was excellent and despite not finding Egyptian artefacts, we stayed positive and looked at the other interesting objects in the museum. We’d all love to go back!

Hornets Class