Hunting Habitats

Today we have been hunting habitats and writing Beebot algorithms.

We were given the challenge to find as many habitats as we could in the school grounds.  We found woodlice, spiders, ants, centipedes, worms, butterflies and a pond skater.

SDC13807 SDC13808 SDC13813 SDC13815

This afternoon we had to write algorithms to direct the Beebots around our park map.  We could only use forward and left and right turns.  If the Beebot didn’t go where we wanted it to, we had to alter our algorithm until we got it right.  When we weren’t using the actual Beebots, we used the Beebot app on the ipads to practise our skills.

SDC13821 SDC13822

Some of us enjoyed them so much that we carried on using them during Golden time.