Interview with Miss Achard

Miss Achard is our Ladybirds class teacher.  We thought you might like to know a little bit more about our fabulous and fun Year 2 teacher.

Miss Achard - Year 1 TeacherName:
Miss Achard
Class: Year 1 – Ladybirds
Role: Class Teacher, Humanities Co-Ordinator

What first inspired you to go into teaching?

I used to love playing teachers from an early age; lining all of my Barbies up and taking the register! Growing up, I had lots of really inspiring teachers which further confirmed that it was what I wanted to do.

miss-belle-achardWhat is your favourite food?

Chocolate brownies and chilli con carne … not together!

What is your favourite book?

I love all of the Harry Potter books!

If you were a Disney character which one would you be?

One of the Disney Princesses.