Livi Gosling – Artist in Residence

At Wilstead Lower School we like to our children to experience a wide range of subjects.  Of course this means the core subjects but we also believe that a well rounded and broad learning experience benefits our children.  This is why last year we hosted a Brian Moses.  This year we are focusing on art and so it brings us great pleasure to introduce you to our Artist in Residence – Livi Gosling.

Livi Gosling – Artist in Residence

Livi is a freelance illustrator specialising in Editorials, Narratives, Maps, Travel and Food & Drink illustration.  Her school workshops are a fantastic immersive experience with the children learning a variety of techniques.

Artist in Residence at Wilstead Lower School

Artist in Residence at Wilstead Lower SchoolSome of you will have noticed the giant mural in Nash Terrace,  this was created by Livi for the school and incorporates many aspects of the school, it’s surroundings and things inside.  The mural was recently finished off by some of our pupils who, under the guidance of Livi, painted photo sized pictures of their own into the work.  Why not take a close look next time you are in the school?

Artist in Residence at Wilstead Lower SchoolLivi has been in the school working with whole classes and with small groups.  On one visit the children were treated to a couple of “warm up” exercises before the main drawing challenge.  The first was to draw an object of their choice but only using their non-dominant hand, one was to complete a drawing whilst looking the other way or with their eyes shut whilst another involved the children working in pairs to create a single work of art on one piece of paper.  Why not have a go yourself, it is great fun and you would be surprised at how good the results can be?

Having fun and engaging in art is of course important but these sessions have other benefits too.  The children are encourage to observe their subject carefully, considering it rather than diving straight in, this is valuable in subjects other than art too.  There is no right or wrong answer with art and the children are encouraged to create their own style without worrying about others expectations, this is a wonderful confidence boost for those who prefer the creative areas of our curriculum over the more formal learning areas.

We have more sessions planned before the end of term so watch out around the school for more examples of our creativity and why not ask your children to show you what they have learnt so far?

 The Harpur Trust 450th Anniversary Art Competition for 2015/16

Art-Teacher#2As part of our work focussing on art, artists and techniques we have decided to enter the Harpur Trust 450th Anniversary Art Competition for 2015/16.  The theme of the competition is ‘Recording Bedford’ and entrants are required to create an imaginative artwork which reflects an aspect of Bedford or Bedford life at some point during the Harpur Trust’s 450 year existence.

We are delighted to welcome Susan Erskine-Jones into the school to work with us on this project.  Susan is a professional artist who is involved with the project and has been into the school to help us create our own mini masterpieces.  As our four school houses are all famous Bedfordshire personalities we decided to use those as our design inspiration.  Susan has worked with our year 3 & 4 classes to create our competition entries, we have used a variety of techniques including painting and collage and we are really happy with our results.