Living Nativity at London Zoo

Wilstead Lower School at London ZooOn Friday 4th December Reception and Year 1 went on a special trip to London Zoo to see the Living Nativity. We were all very excited as we set off on the coach and were soon asking ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ ‘Can I eat my lunch now?’ After arriving at the zoo and having our lunch we went off in search of the Living Nativity.

Wilstead Lower School at London ZooThe first stop was to see the llamas and the donkeys by the entrance; we noticed that they had very long eyelashes! Then we were invited inside to meet the wise men. They told us that they had heard about a new baby who had been born and they had seen a special star. They showed us the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh that they wanted to give to the baby. Camels at London ZooThey asked if we would like to meet their camels and so off we went with them to see the camels. They taught us how to tell the difference between dromedary and bactrian camels, dromedary camels have one hump like a capital D and bactrian camels have two humps like a capital B.

Wilstead Lower School at London ZooThe next stop on our journey was to follow the star, it stopped above a stable and Mary came out to say hello. She invited us in to meet baby Jesus who was very tired so we had to be very quiet. Mary asked us to help to sing him a lullaby so we sang away in a manger to him. From the stable we went to see the shepherds who told us that they were visited by an angel who had told them about the special baby.

WLSLondonZoo#7When the shepherds went off on their journey we went with some special helpers to see Santa! We went into his grotto and he talked to us about travelling all over the world. He told us about the different animals he sees and why they live in different places. Santa gave our teachers a special present for each child to take home.

We said good bye to Santa and went off in our groups to explore the other parts of the zoo. Some groups went to see reptiles, some went to see penguins and others went to see monkeys! Then we met up to walk back to the coach. On the way back we were very tired and some of us even had a little sleep. We were very excited to tell our mummies and daddies about our day when we got back to school!