It looks like Rain Dear!

DSCN2127We celebrated our first Wilstead Reward Day today and it was AWESOME!!!

As a reward for our excellent effort during the term, Mr Robichaud had arranged for us to be visited by some of Father Christmas’ reindeer.  The reindeer were helped by some of Santa’s special reindeer handlers. They looked after the animals all day and talked to us about them.  We learned where they come from, what they like to eat and lots of other things.

Lunch was the next adventure, today we enjoyed a full Christmas Dinner served to us by all the teachers and staff.  The food was delicious and the service wasn’t too bad either!  Lunch was followed by an extra long play time, Mr Robichaud and lots of the teachers came out to play too whilst the elves tidied away the lunch mess, things just kept getting better.

WWTBAMThe afternoon was great too.  Mr Robichaud had arranged a special Christmas Who Wants to be a Millionaire?   Mr Kerin and Millie were chosen to represent the school.  There was a lot of pressure for them to get the answers right.  Mr R had said that if they got all the answers right then we could carry on with Reward Day, if they got them wrong then it was maths tests all round!

Fortunately, Millie and Mr Kerin were up to the task and with only one life-line left they answered the final question correctly.  Reward Day was saved and no maths test – yah!

The day was rounded off by the final performance of our christmas concert and with all modesty,  we were FABULOUS, but more about that another time!

The Wilstead Show