Matilda the Musical Review by Wilstead Lower School

Some of the children and staff from Wilstead Lower School recently went to see the London production of Matilda the Musical.  Here, in their own words, is what some of our children thought about it.

Matilda the Musical

Year 3 and 4 whent to Matilda the Musical it was a mixter of things it was crazy it was funny and it was a bit scary.  everybody stuffed thereselfs with sweets!  We have all got all the songs in our head!   There was miss honey, miss truncchbull, mrs phelps, mr wormwood, mrs wormwood, The dancing guy. michal and matilda and more.  it was a happy ending. I can’t believe miss trunchbull swang Amanda round by the pigtails but luckily the children caught her and miss trunchbull put Bruce bogtrotter in the choky ahh but then she whent forever! yey!

by Aisha


I loved the show because it was exiting and there was a lot of action going on.  We ate loads of sweets in the theatre, but i think we ate more sweets on the coach than in the theatre.  Year 4 and 3 went we all had lots of fun and lisened to loads of songs we had naughty, Revolting children, and When I grow up that Was a song that we sang at our sing up concert last year as well.  We all had a fab time and me and my friends all want to go again!

by Rebecca

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Yesterday was Brilliant!  We went to go and see Matilda in London.  I Really enjoyed it.  My favourite part was when they all went on to the swings.  I would go every day if i could!  I Loved it!  But the bus jurny was horrible!

by Amy