Matilda the Musical – Wilstead School Trip

It was with an almost uncontainable amount of excitement that children, parents/grand parents and staff started to assemble in the Year 4 class room ready to head off to London to see Matilda the Musical.  However, order was maintained without the need to resort to the Miss Trunchbull method of discipline and we all made our way to the bus.  On the bus there was lots of chatter, jokes and singing with the excitement reaching fever pitch.

The coach ride to Matilda the MusicalAre we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Eventually the answer to this question was YES! and with even greater excitement we left the bus and took the short walk to the theatre.  In calm order we made our way to our seats, this was our first chance to take a good look at the theatre.

Matilda the Musical SetThe whole auditorium had been styled in the same way as the set, everywhere you looked another clever detail from the story was to be seen.   Soon the house lights dimmed, the music started and the spell began, for spell it must have been.  The actors wove their magic from the very first moment.  Child actors who looked like they had been performing for years, adult actors playing the older children who looked as though they had never left school and the truly terrifying Mrs Trunchbull who at well over 2m tall dominated the stage.

You can read some of our reviews here but in brief, if you love the theatre, Roald Dahl, singing, acting or you haven’t seen Matilda the Musical yet – GO, it’s AWESOME!


With the songs still sounding in our ears and with memories of the fabulous stories springing up in our brains we left the theatre for the short wait for our coach.  It was a somewhat less noisy coach on the way home but the quiet sense of happiness and fresh inspiration for some of the teachers was evident.

There were a few sleepy faces in school the next morning but the most worrying consequence of watching Matilda was the unfortunate effect it had on Mr Robichaud.  Taking an alarming delight in Miss Trunchbull’s method of teaching and punishment he decided that this new approach should be introduced to Wilstead.  It was with a little anxiety that we arrived for Friday’s Celebration Assembly to find our illustrious Head in…..a bad mood……seeing his opportunity when Mr Robichaud left the hall to get something, Mr Hoath dropped a worm into Mr Robichaud’s drinking water as a lesson.  The children were somewhat surprised at this very naughty behaviour and watched aghast as our Head drank from his cup…..would he swallow the worm?

If you don’t know why this little charade (Mr Robichaud was in with the joke the whole time!) is relevant to our Matilda story then you will just have to read the book to find out.

Finally thank you to everyone who organised or helped with this trip.  It was a lot of work but well worth it for a chance to inspire and engage our children with a love for everything Dahl and the theatre.

You can find the show web page here it is full of images from the show and there is an excellent section for schools here