Meet Mr Robichaud

Many of you will have met Mr Robichaud at school, more will have seen him at events like The Great Wilstead Bake Off and our Christmas Concert and some of you will have seen him at our Celebration Assembly.   We thought you might like to know a little more about the man behind the smile and those jumpers.

Head-TeacherWhat made you want to be a head teacher?

I always liked to be in charge, even as a child I would try and be the boss, although it never worked as my ideas were always a bit zany. Nothing really changes I suppose. But the real reason I wanted to be a head teacher was to help prepare children for those first steps towards independence from home and to make those steps a little less scary for all the children in my care. A little fun and laughter make children want to learn and I thought by being in charge of a school I could better ensure that happens on a daily basis. Also I really wanted to have Lego in my office and being in charge seemed to be a good way of achieving that goal.

Who was your favourite teacher at school?

A teacher called Mrs Caplin. She liked that I held the door open for her and thought I was very polite. She also had a great sense of humour that made me laugh all the time.

BurgerWhat is your favourite food?

Cheeseburgers, not the fast food type but a real meaty burger. Topped with pickles, strong cheese, mustard, ketchup, lettuce, onions (not fried but raw), tomato and served in a sesame seed bun…..perfection. Oh and I am quite partial to chocolate covered Turkish delight.

What is your favourite book?

That is a hard question to answer so I will cheat a bit and pick a few. Well, the first book I properly read and remember loving was The Hobbit and I have a few Gandalf figures in my office if you look carefully enough. I enjoy revisiting Alice’s adventures in Wonderland and look forward to reading it to my children soon. I loved the illustrations and the strange language. My favourite picture book is Where the Wild Things Are, I can still see all the monsters dangling from trees. That book was very special to me because it is the first book I got out of a library that I had chosen, it was my pick and that made it magical for me. A few others I really enjoy are: The Witches and Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl, You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum by Andy Stanton, Watership Down by Richard Adams (a book guaranteed to make you cry) and The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

GoofeyIf you were a Disney character which one would you be?

Easy, Goofy every time. He was my favourite as a kid and he is sort of forgotten now as he isn’t seen very much these days. I used to love his yell when he fell off something. Plus, everyone should be a little bit of a goof sometime. I haven’t got a Goofy for my office yet but I must start looking for one.