Meet Mrs Dunlop

Mrs Dunlop is a Key Stage 1 specialist who has joined us to help teach in our Year 2 class.  Here is a little bit about her.

Name: Mrs Dunlop
Class: Year 2 – Dragonflies
Role: Teacher

What made you want to be a  teacher?

WalkingDictionaryFriends have always said I was destined to be a teacher. I was nicknamed the ‘Walking dictionary’ at Primary school because I used to help others with their spellings. However, all I wanted to do was work in a sweet shop!  I did work experience at my old Primary school whilst I was at Sixth form. I loved working with the children so much and seeing the difference a teacher could make, my decision was made that I wanted to make that difference and help to create a fun and inspiring place for others to learn.

WMalteasershat is your favourite food?

I am a huge chocaholic so it has to be chocolate, maltesers in particular!

What is your favourite book?

I have loved The Secret Garden since I was little.  It is so magical the way the garden changes as the children in the story do.  It also appealed as it is set in Yorkshire, where I lived until I was 7.

Alice If you were a Disney character which one would you be?

I think I would be Alice from Alice in Wonderland.  I love meeting new people and am curious about new places and situations.  Oh, and I can be a bit of a daydreamer sometimes too!