Merry Christmas from the Dragonflies!!!

The Dragonflies have been enjoying lots of Christmassy activities in the run up to the holidays.

We have been making snowmen and Santa pictures out of 2D shapes.

We have also made Christmas cards with snowmen on.  Joshua Sp did a Luton Town scarf for his snowman.  Connor thought the best thing about the Christmas cards was the cotton wool.

We sang some Christmas carols in a church.  Annie thought it was scary.

Last week we also did our Christmas performance and we sang ghostbusters and Rudolph.  Shaun enjoyed the whole concert, he thought it was awesome.  The staff thought it was amazing.

The Wilstead Show


On Wednesday we got to see Santa’s reindeers.  Zayne liked seeing them because they had big antlers.



We also had our Christmas dinner.  Freya H thought it was tasty.  Talulla and Daniel both said the sausages were their favourite food.