Moses, maths and mince pies!

This week has been another fantastic fun week for the Dragonflies.  These were our highlights.

Brian MosesMoses

Brian Moses came to visit Wilstead Lower School.  He came into our class and taught us some poems.  Shaun’s favourite one was ‘The Budgie Likes To Boogie’.  We wrote some of our own poems.  Joseph wrote,

I am happy when it’s Christmas like a sofa is glad when a queen sits on it.


We have been learning about division, like 6 divided by 1 equals 6 and 30 divided by 3 equals 10.

Emmy would like to challenge you to answer these questions:

7 divided by 1

6 divided by 2

63 divided by 3

Mince Pies

Rudolf Sock PuppetOn Friday afternoon we all took part in the Winter Festival at school, where we brought in entries for competitions such as lego model, Christmas scene on a paper plate, flower arrangement and sock puppets.  Lizzie said,

I am excited for the Winter Festival.

Amy did a beautiful Rudolf reindeer sock puppet, Freya brought in a paper plate with a Christmas scene on, Daniel made mince pies which were star shaped and the mincemeat had stars on the top.

The winners in our class were Emmy (1st for sock puppet), Joshua St (1st for snow globe), Amy (2nd for flower arranging), Amber (2nd for tree decoration), Joshua Sp (3rd for tree decoration).