Natural History Museum

On Monday 3rd November year 3 went on a fantastic trip to the Natural History Museum.

imageOn arriving at the museum we started the day by entering the Earth via an escalator. The children were excited as we entered the Earth and came out in the Volcano and Earthquake room.The children learnt about the different types of volcanoes and even got to experience an earthquake in the China Supermarket simulator. It was a bit wobbly!

Before lunch we went to Earth’s Treasury where the children learnt about the three different types of rock. As our science topic this half term is Rocks we thought this would be a fantastic opening to the topic.

Beetles Class Trip to LondonAfter a well deserved lunch we went back in time to look at the dinosaurs. The children loved seeing the skeletons and seeing the life size moving model of the T Rex.

To end the day we went into the mammal room where the children saw the blue whale. They were shocked at the size of it! The children did some sketches from the balcony.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day. I would like to say thank you to Mrs Evans and Mrs Coe for coming with us on the day. Fun was had by all!!