New Faces at Wilstead Lower School

We have had a few new arrivals recently here at Wilstead Lower School.  We thought we would introduce some of them.

Mrs RadfordName: Miss Radford
Class: Reception – Bumblebees
Role: Reception Teacher and KS1 Leader
Mrs-BlandName: Mrs Bland
Class: Y2 Dragonflies
Role: Teacher

What first inspired you to go into teaching?

Miss Radford – I always knew I wanted to be a teacher; my sister says I was always making her play schools at home with our dolls and teddies. My mum is a primary school teacher and I used to go in and help in the holidays. I know it’s a bit sad but I never wanted to be anything else.
Mrs Bland – Teaching is a job I have always wanted to do. I thoroughly enjoyed lower school, it was great fun from what I remember and I wanted others to have the same experiences.

What was your favourite subject at Lower School?

Miss Radford – At school I loved literacy, I was always reading and liked to talk about the books I had read. I still love reading now and always enjoy reading stories to my class.

Mrs Bland – PE. We had climbing ropes and bars in our school hall and I remember getting these out frequently!

Head-Teacher2Tell us a little about your favourite Lower School teacher

Miss Radford – My favourite teacher was called Mrs Holborough, I loved her because she always had time to listen to what you had to say.  I felt that she cared about us and asked our opinions.  She was also really silly and wore huge football slippers on one dress up day.

Mrs Bland – Mrs Taylor in Y1. She was so kind and patient and always spoke quietly. She was very caring and made school a very fun place to be. She was great at cheering children up when they were sad and when my mum once forgot to collect me from school (I was one of 4 and mum was heavily pregnant and suffering from baby brain!). Mrs Taylor told me there was a chocolate cake in the staff room for my dinner if mum didn’t come back. I was quite sad when mum appeared a few minutes later!

ourperformanceIf you were a Disney Character (other providers are available), who would you be?

Miss Radford – Miss Bradshaw says she thinks I am like Jasmine.  I did love Aladdin when I was little and had an Aladdin and Jasmine bed spread with glow in the dark stars on my ceiling!

Mrs Bland – I’d like to be Tinkerbell so I could fly!


We would like to thank everyone for making them feel so welcome and Miss Radford and Mrs Bland for sharing a little bit about themselves.