Oliver Twist & Dickens come to Wilstead Lower School

Please Sir, can I have some more?……MORE!

To kick start our work on Charles Dickens the children and staff were treated to an amazing performance of Oliver Twist by the very talented actors from M&M Theatrical Productions.

The children arrived at school to discover a theatre in our hall.  The set was ready, the lights were in place, the actors were waiting, all that was left was for the audience to take their seats.  As our classes came into the hall one by one and the excitement grew to bursting point.  We were all ready, the lights dimmed………the show was about to begin.

Spell-bound the children sat and watched the story of young Oliver Twist.  We laughed with the Artful Dodger and Fagin, we quivered when we saw Bill Sykes (no relation to one of our fab TAs!) and some of us even shed a little tear with Nancy.

The four actors moved seamlessly from one character to another as the story moved on apace.   The dialogue was delivered with equal amounts of humour, passion and pathos and we loved clapping along with the songs.  Anyone who has seen the 1968 film of Lionel Bart’s adaptation would be familiar with the songs which had been abridged without losing any of their impact.

In the last part of the performance we were taken from the sad story of Nancy through to the happy ending for Oliver and on to the well deserved curtain calls.  A real roller coaster of emotion that left us all buzzing for the rest of the morning.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the talented, hard working actors from M & M who have inspired us all.

Move over Shakespeare,  Dickens is on the way!

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Final Curtain call