P-Bones are go!

There have been some strange noises coming from Year 4 recently,  more strange than normal!  That can only mean one thing – the P-Bones are back.

P-BonesThe Hornets class are being taught how to play a plastic trombone by a professional musician.  At the end of our course the children have the opportunity to participate in a concert in collaboration with lots of other schools around the area.  Some of the schools are also learning the P-Bones, others drums, clarinovas or strings.  All come together in an amazing concert.

Last week we learned how to assemble our instruments and how to play our first note “C”, this week we have learned some musical notation and vocabulary and our next note “G”.  The lesson is really fun and just a little bit loud but we have all managed to make a sound.

Next week more notes but in the meantime listen out for more strange sounds around the village as we practice our P-Bones at home.  You have been warned!