The school has a flourishing Parent/Teacher Association, which organises many fund-raising events.  The school is very much enriched by the success of the PTA as it provides funds to enhance resources and events that could not be financed from the school budget.

But it’s not just about the money, it’s also about having fun, and we run a varied programme of social events both for ourselves and the children.

Tell me more…

Well quite simply we are parents of children at Wilstead Primary School who want to make our children’s experience of school a happy one. We raise money for all the little extra things that make our school exciting and special.
As we all know, life is one big rush for many parents so any time you can spare is hugely appreciated. We can’t always attend all the meetings but by offering to help at events, well,that is the most important thing.

What sort of things does the PTA support?

The PTA has given the school £6000 over the past year.  This has provided the school with:

  • A new interactive whiteboard for Reception class
  • The use of the interactive learning tool “Now press play” which all years can use in lessons
  • Buses for school trips
  • An opera workshop
  • Books for the new library
  • Toys and equipment for all classes
  • Exciting things for reward days

What type of fundraising events do we do?

  • We have school discos for the children throughout the year, always popular events!
  • We always have an annual quiz night which is great fun too
  • Every other year we host the lambing day at Manor farm – always a great family day out watching the lambs being born
  • The summer fete will be back bigger  and better this year!
  • The first annual Christmas Fayre

WPS PTA Newsletter Oct 17

Get involved with the PTA

What can I offer?

The important thing with the PTA is that you do what you can, when you can.  You don’t have to attend lots of meetings to help out and people have often surprised themselves when they make things happen they wouldn’t have thought possible!

I don’t really know any other parents well, and I’m a bit nervous about getting involved.

Don’t worry!  The PTA is a great way of making new friends and feeling you can make a real contribution to your child’s school.  We welcome any offers of help, and you won’t get pushed into doing anything you’re not sure about.  Our success is purely down to the fact that people like you either get involved directly, attend our events or contribute in other ways.

How do I get involved?

Come to one of our meetings, which are always publicised via the school bookbags.  Alternatively, you can leave your name and a contact number at the school office one of us will get back in touch.