Get involved with the PTA

What can I offer?

The important thing with the PTA is that you do what you can, when you can.  You don’t have to attend lots of meetings to help out and people have often surprised themselves when they make things happen they wouldn’t have thought possible!

I don’t really know any other parents well, and I’m a bit nervous about getting involved.

Don’t worry!  The PTA is a great way of making new friends and feeling you can make a real contribution to your child’s school.  We welcome any offers of help, and you won’t get pushed into doing anything you’re not sure about.  Our success is purely down to the fact that people like you either get involved directly, attend our events or contribute in other ways.

How do I get involved?

Come to one of our meetings, which are always publicised via the school bookbags or on the school website calendar.  Alternatively, you can leave your name and a contact number at the school office one of us will get back in touch.