Reward day from another world….

…. Jurassic World!!

Today was the final reward day for the children who have worked so hard this year.

Year 4 were whisked off to Gulliver’s Land in Milton Keynes for a fun packed day of slides and rides (staff and children alike!).  It may have rained a bit but to be honest, they were so busy getting wet that they didn’t notice.

Meanwhile, back at school, something very strange was approaching… there were tremors in the water glasses and then suddenly…

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Millie lives with the wonderful people at The Education Group who specialise in bringing history to life, and we’re sure you will agree that they did a great job with this one!    Millie was accompanied by Baby Jack, a young raptor.

We were all given a rock and a hammer and found our own crystal geodes – they were beautiful.    Finally, we had a chance to buy our own tiny fossils to take home as a souvenir of this (pre-)historic day!

(video of this rare creature captured by Mrs Hunter).