Shakespeare, sequences and shipwrecks

Last Friday the Dragonflies enjoyed watching Say Two Productions perform extracts from some Shakespeare plays.  We then had a brilliant workshop on our play this term, The Tempest.  We became the ship and then different characters from the play.


Dragonflies have been learning how to sequence numbers.  We played a game in the hall sequencing numbers.

Joshua Sp wanted to know the missing number:

2 , 4,      .8,10

Freya H said the missing number is 6 and the pattern is going up in 2s



Dragonflies also found out about the Titanic this week.

Talulla said

It sank on the 15th of April 1912.

Oliver found out about the Titanic tickets in the school museum.

SDC13373 SDC13347

This week’s blog has been written by Joshua Sp, Freya H, Talulla and Oliver.