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A sunny day in July: everyone is excited about tomorrow’s Sports Day when a call goes out – “has anyone got a gazebo that we can use as shelter from the sun for the children tomorrow?”.  The message goes out on Facebook; email; text and of course word of mouth and by the end of the evening we’ve got a few offers.

On the morning of sports day, the parents and friends of Wilstead Lower School did us proud as family after family turned up with gazebos, small marquees and large tents until we could provide track-side shelter for everyone.

It was a great start to a great day.   The children all worked hard in the team events (congratulations Red Team – we did it again!) and everybody got their own cheer and applause in the individual races and an ice lolly to cool off (thanks to the PTA).

Wilstead Lower School Sports DayBut the excitement didn’t stop there!   This year, families were all invited to stay at school for a picnic lunch – parents, grandparents, carers, children and staff all mixed together on blankets and rugs, sharing our picnics and chatting about all sorts of things.   We thought is was going to be a relaxed lunch but no.  Apparently we don’t just sit around at lunchtimes at Wilstead Lower School; so the lunchtime supervisors organised us into impromptu games of rounders and football!

In the afternoon, we were invited to come into class to sit with the children, look at their topic books and join in with classroom activities.  I don’t think my model was very good but I did quite well at the numeracy games (year 1 is perhaps a bit too advanced for me).

All in all a fantastic day.   I was hugely proud of our pupils, our staff and our community and honoured to be a part of this fantastic school.

Susan Hoath
Vice Chair – Governing Body (& proud parent)