Stone age hunters

On Thursday afternoon Year 3 became stone age savages!

Before going outside the children looked at examples of different Stone age tools they could possibly make outside.


The children explored the nature area in the school grounds for things that they could make into Stone Age tools for hunting. First we had to locate stones, sticks and wool that could be tied together to make a range of tools. Then we had to think of a way to join the three things together to make a sturdy tool. The results were fantastic. We had bow and arrows, sharp spears and huge club hammers.

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After making tools a group of children started work on a den. We had to have a good rummage for big logs to start the den before finding smaller bits to fill in the gaps. Gradually the den came to life as all the children worked together to fill in the gaps. The result: a den for one.

Overall the children had an amazing afternoon experiencing life in the Stone Age.