The day we went Danish at Wilstead Lower School

We all know about the Danes right?  Vikings, football, Hans Christian Anderson and Lego…..but what is their national flower/animal?  What do their biscuits taste like? How many oars did they have on their boats?

A few months ago, some of our teachers went to Copenhagen to visit schools and teachers to find out how the Danes do Education.  The trip left a lasting impression and when some of the Danish teachers visited England a short while after, we invited them to Wilstead Lower to see how we did things.  This went so well that a plan was hatched……wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could take some of our children over to Denmark to experience and report back on their system?

Long Boats to Pebernødder

8 of our Year 4 children flew out to Copenhagen on Tuesday, so to send them off in style and to help us explore the Danish culture/history we had our first Danish Wow Day.  Around the school were a series of Danish themed activities which we would explore during the day.  The children were put into mixed year groups and the adventure began.

Making Viking ships was cool!

So what did we get up to?  Well, in Hornets’ room we made Pebernødder (there are lots of recipes on-line).  These delicious and spicy biscuits are fun and easy to make and the smell of cooking filled the school all day.

Mrs Radford in her long boatBeetles class was a hive of creativity.  First we learned a little about Denmark,  why not ask us if we can remember the national flower or animal?  We were introduced to Danish trolls and to Thumbelina (a story by Hans Christian Anderson).  We helped make a giant paper quilt made up of squares decorated with danish themed pictures.  Some of us painted, others used chalks and pencils or made collages.  The quilt was still being assembled at the time of going to press.

Bumblebees classroom was turned into a long boat construction zone.  We could choose between creating our long boats from Play Dough or Stickle Bricks. Some of us painted or drew boats whilst others used giant building blocks and of course there was Lego (another great Danish invention)!   We think Mrs Radford had the most fun though.

We had an amazing day playing, creating and learning and can’t wait till our class mates come back to school.  Until they do you can catch up with what they are doing on our Twitter feed.