The Tempest

This week was Shakespeare week.  In Literacy we have been learning about The Tempest and we have been describing characters like Caliban and Prospero.

Annie described Caliban,

Caliban is a big enormous sea monster and half human.


On Friday we did a play in front of the school based on The Tempest. Joseph’s line was

Thou shalt be pinched.

It was the same day as the solar eclipse.  Here are some lines for you to try:

A wicked brew drop on you.  Toads bats light on you.


This week in Numeracy we have been learning how to subtract big numbers on a number line.

Emmy has set some for you to try:

100 – 25 =

20,000 – 10 =

300 – 20 =


This week’s bloggers were Annie, Joseph and Emmy.