Getting Outside




We have plenty of outside space and we love to use it. There are large playing areas to the front and rear of the school, including grassed areas and a ‘trim trail’.  There are benches and tables allowing us to work outside when the weather, subject and teachers allow; and we hold many of our social events in our own grounds.

There is a small, sheltered garden area within the footprint of the school which is used by the staff at lunchtimes but is available for lessons during class time and is a great place for messier experiments!

The Wilstead and Haynes First Scouts Troop needed somewhere for their outdoor activities and so we invited them to use the wooded area of our grounds, in return for clearing weeds and restoring pathways. As a result we have a wonderful outdoor learning area, with a story circle, quiet area and fire pit as well as lots and lots of nature to explore.

In 2012/13 the Reception class (with help from the Allotment Society and some of their parents) transformed an area at the side of the school into a small vegetable garden; growing beans, peas, potatoes, strawberries, lettuces, radishes, sunflowers and herbs (see below).  Their produce was delicious and bodes well for next season as in 2013/14 we are starting a gardening club to carry on this fantastic work.